Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Jessica took this picture during a recent trip to San Diego. I will post some images of our booth at the Bridal Expo as soon as I get them. Have an awesome tuesday.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Server ERROR

For those of you who have tried to access the blog and didn't see any photos come up, I want to apologize. The server was having problems so the images were unavailable for most of today.

Everything should be back to normal now. If you visited our booth at the Bridal Expo, please call us or come back in and talk to us some more. God bless you all and I am sorry for the inconvenience.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Well if you have followed this blog or the Whitecloud Productions blog you will notice some changes. Whitecloud has been a business name I have used for my video productions. I have used this name for 6 years now and have done dozens of jobs through it. I developed the identity for Whitecloud and invested a lot of time and money into building it into what it is today. However, since I graduated with my B.A. in Graphic Design & Marketing, I have also invested my energy into developing my own name as a business identity.

Since name recognition is huge in the business I am in and in an effort to consolidate my businesses, I have decided to do all photography and design work under the name: Jacob Mariano Photography+Design. If you are used to visiting whitecloudpro.blogspot.com, you may want to re-bookmark my blog to JacobMariano.blogspot.com as the Whitecloud blog will no longer be updated.

On this blog we will post mostly photography from weddings, families, seniors, and businesses. Although you will also see any design work I am working on.

I also find it notable to mention that my wife Jessica is big part of what we do. We photography most everything together so the images you see on this blog may be from either one of us. Generally it is about 50/50.

Thanks for stopping by...you should make it habit!

Rachel+Michael (Originally Posted on 1/20/09)

Rachel and Michael Smith live in beautiful Point Loma, San Diego. We made plans to do a shoot with them, so Michael, on his semi-daily surf routine, looked around for a good spot. Lo and behold we ended up shooting at a grassy knoll overlooking the ocean. Such a beautiful place to take pictures of such beautiful people. I picked out a few of my favs from the day, although there were heaps of goods to choose from. Hope you all enjoy and as always feel free to leave your thought on the photos in the comments section. Be blessed.

Rachel and Michael we love you both and thanks for letting us stay with you and snaps some shots.

Adrianna+Joe (Originally Posted on 1/13/09)

The other day Jessica and I spent the later part of the evening shooting Adriana and Joe. We had a fun time and will be displaying their images at the upcoming Bridal Expo at the San Bernardino Fairgrounds in Victorville Jan 24-25. See you there!

We love you Adriana and Joe!

Katie+Tom (Originally Posted on 1/5/09)

After seven years of marriage Tom and Katie Bacon finally have wedding-esc photos. Tom and Katie didn't get to have a traditional wedding with the wedding dress, tux, and flowers so we were excited that we had the chance to recreate the love they shared for each other on that day and still feel now. As usual we have posted an abundance of images, so grab a cup of tea and enjoy! We love you TomKat.

Britany+Bob (Originally Posted on 12/19/08)

Britany and Bob are so stinkin' great. We did their engagement photos back in October and had fun then so we knew shooting their wedding wouldn't be any different. Jessica took care of the photography (awesome job wife) and I shot the video (I'll post a clip when I finish). We realize that there are about a million images we have posted of this wedding. But we don't apologize because there were way to many good ones to not share them with you all. Enjoy and be blessed.

This sequence makes me laugh.