Friday, July 17, 2009

{Carly+Brian} Engaged

I know this took a bit longer than usual, but if you read our previous post you'll know why. We had a great time with Carly and Brian. They both went to the University of Redlands, which is where they are getting married in October. They took us to a few spots around town and we capture them being them. Afterwards they took us to a great pizza place downtown where we had some pizza with mashed potatoes and other fun toppings. Thanks for everything you two and we look forward to the wedding.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Sneak Peek/Update

Our lives have been a bit abstruse and arduous the past weeks. I know I haven't blogged recently and that's not because there was nothing to blog. Rather, things going on haven't left us with time or energy for it.

To sum up a few things, in the past 3 weeks: we found out Jessica was pregnant, had an engagement shoot, had the first wedding of our busy wedding season, did a family shoot for dear friends, found out Jessica was pregnant with twins, endured through a urinary tract infection in Micaiah and a throat infection in Jessica, celebrated and early 3 year anniversary!, were saddened with the loss of one of our dear twins, spent time in San Diego with family celebrated birthdays, all on top of work and processing images as well as a 66 day (and counting) escrow with our house.

Thank you for all your prayers and support in all of this. I know life has few down-time seasons (especially at our age) but this has been a tough one. I didn't want to leave you without an image, so here's a teaser from the engagement shoot of Carly & Brian. We had tons of fun with them and will be shooting their wedding this October. Blessings.