Sunday, April 20, 2008


I thought I would let you all know about my current project. It is a chiropractic office called Hannon Chiropractic. I'm in the first stage of preparing comps for a new logo and will then put together some stationary and corporate identity material. Check back in to see the logo when it is all set and finished, shouldn't be much longer. Have a blessed day


Thursday, April 10, 2008


Here's a few shots of another re-branding campaign I did for Lorina. They are a sparkling drinks company from France...mmmm.


Here's a quick look at another project I did. It was a re-branding/packaging campaign for the Porto Rico Importing Co. This project involved a little more creativity beyond the design of the package. The challenge was to come up with a name, logo, theme, and design for the companies line of teas and coffee, and eventually develop it into a store location to rival Starbucks (only better and more refined). Here are a couple shots of the teas. Enjoy.

Napa Valley Bistro

This is a re-branding and packaging campaign I did for a California based pasta/pasta sauce company called Mezzetta. The campaign was for their line of pasta sauces with the brand name Napa Valley Bistro. Here are a couple of the sauce labels I design along with a new logo I created for the Napa Valley Bistro brand.